Summertime blues...

I don't actually have the blues, but I sure love weaving with them! Blue yarn that is. Ok my comedy routine needs work. Anyways, my apartment was starting to feel bare so I decided to make a runner to spruce up the entertainment area. Having been in an indigo kick influenced by the shibori dying class I took this year, I was inspired to try a Japanese-esque design.  Searching through my pattern books, I came across this simple twill by some Swedes (!!!) and decided to try it out with my own flair. 

While making the navy (unfortunately I don't have any real indigo dyed yarn at the moment) and white warp, I adjusted the stripes a bit to make it individualized. 

It's a simple piece but I sure love how it turned out! It drapes nicely and is soft to touch. This will look great in my apartment.

WIth the leftover warp, I made this sampler. I think another bluesy textile is in the works! Which patterns do you like?

This week I also received a custom order request from Daniela, a third grade teacher in St. Louis. She wanted 12 bookmarks to hand out to her class as birthday gifts. It makes me so happy knowing my work is getting out into the world!